Imperium Pattern EA MT4

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Imperium Pattern EA MT4

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Imperium Pattern EA

The EA has been updated for the new market changes. 2022Q2

---New Safety features
---New Set files
---features against Stagfaltion markets

---It works on many currencies and Metals.

default settings for EURUSD M30, H1, H4 

It has 26 adjudtable parameters.

 it has almost 1:1 risk:reward Ratio.
Imperium Pattern EA is a fully automated expert Advisor with secure stop loss level, so your funds are always protected.
Ready to work without prior configuration.
auto lot based on account equity.
Works with any broker.
It works with three, four and five-digit quotes.
Secure with fixed stop loss on each trade.
With 26 fully optimizable parameters for custom needs.
It trades based on custom developed special candlestick patterns and 8 different moving averages with fully optimized parameters to find the sweet spot to open trade.
Every trade has stop loss and it DOES NOT USE Dangerous systems like the Grid, martingale and other risky strategies.
This EA is not in a rush it wait for the best entry, it does not trade every day, so give it a few weeks lean back, put it on vps be patient and enjoy your profits!
So, just lean back let he EA work and enjoy profits.
If you have any questions contact me, i am glad to help you! :)
If you are using backtest data with lower precision than 99.9%, then the results may vary
Minimum desposit 100USD/0.01 lots for low risk secure trading.
Have a Great Trading! :)

///As investment robot trading also has risks so, the Past performance is not indicative of future performance. No representation is being made that any results discussed within the service and its related media content will be achieved. Use them at your own risk.////

I want this!

Ex4 file and set files

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